Restless Legs: Do Your Legs Wake Up When You Want to Sleep?

Have you ever been dozing off or deep in slumber when you’re rudely awakened by the irresistible urge to move your legs or a sudden cramp attack? Before you blame your muscles, check and see if venous insufficiency – an underlying, often underdiagnosed medical condition — is causing the restlessness.  

Researchers studying Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) and leg cramping have not been able to pinpoint exact causes or why symptoms strike primarily at night, but they have found that sufferers who also have a venous insufficiency – the backward flow of blood through the veins – can alleviate the symptoms by 80-100% with a minimally invasive vein treatment.

Minimally invasive vein treatments painlessly close the diseased vein to allow healthier, deeper veins to take over. In doing so, virtually all symptoms of RLS – feelings of pulling, tugging, creeping – and the sudden charley horse attacks of leg cramping – are alleviated; as are the more typical symptoms of vein disease – feelings of heaviness, tiredness and achiness. 

4 thoughts on “Restless Legs: Do Your Legs Wake Up When You Want to Sleep?

  1. Tony Minchew said :

    You have my undivided attention!! I have missed work because of RLS. I miss so much sleep that I keep a high sleep debt. Sleep comes easy but at the wrong time.

  2. Leian said :

    I have suffered with RLS for many, many years. I am on medication for this & can’t sleep without it. I would LOVE to hear more about this treatment!

  3. tammy said :

    I don’t have insurance, so how much would it be ?

  4. William Squier said :

    Curious about restless leg syndrome treatment. Can I have a little more info on cost etc? I don’t need you have to come in thing first, just a run down on cost for diagnosis. Thanks 281.570.3697

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