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Leg Swelling/Lymphedema

Edema is swelling caused by an abnormal build up of fluid in the body’s tissues. It most commonly presents in the lower extremities – legs, calves, ankles and feet. 

What Causes Leg Swelling?

Most often, edema is caused by lymphatic dysfunction and/or a more progressive stage of venous reflux disease when venous hypertension forces fluid to pool in the lymphatic and tissues beneath the skin.

What are Signs of Edema?

  • Leg or ankle swelling

  • Changes in skin pigmentation

  • Severe pain and discomfort — particularly in the calf and/or ankle

What are Treatment Options for Leg Swelling?

Treating edema can be a straightforward process or more complex based on the cause or causes of the swelling. If it’s determined that the edema is caused solely by venous reflux, the edema can be treated with a minimally invasive vein treatment in Sugar land, and it will go away. Ankle or foot swelling caused by venous reflux and components of lymphatic dysfunction can be reduced with a vein treatment, such as VNUS Closure in Houston. However, if the leg swelling is more diffuse, vein treatment will bring some relief, but the lymphatic dysfunction must be addressed with proper lymph treatment in order for real relief and significant reduction of swelling to occur.