Today’s Vein Treatments: No Downtime and Quick Recovery

No downtime and quick recovery times with today’s advanced, minimally invasive vein treatments from Hamilton Vein Center in Sugar Land, Bellaire, Kingwood and Lake Jackson.

There’s good news for the thousands of Houston varicose, spider, bulging and discolored vein sufferers — today’s most advanced, minimally invasive varicose vein treatments let you say “yes!” to no downtime, no painful complications, quick recovery times and noticeable results.

At Houston’s leading vein treatment center, Hamilton Vein Center, medical director and vein specialist Dr. Carlos R. Hamilton III and his team are on a mission to educate people and spread the word that it’s no longer necessary to put up with painful, invasive vein stripping and its long downtimes, hit-and-miss results, and painful complications to combat varicose veins and other conditions of venous insufficiency, such as spider veins.

“Minimally invasive technologies make it possible to target the source of the problem with image-guided ultrasound, painlessly close the vein with radiofrequency energy, and be done – all through a nick in the skin the size of a grain of rice. Absolutely amazing,” says Dr. Hamilton.

Life’s too busy to have to take time out for a vein treatment. In fact, walking and moderate exercise are “prescribed” after minimally invasive vein treatments in order to promote quicker recovery and reduce the risk of minor complications, such as swelling and discomfort.

No downtime, faster recovery, immediate relief from symptoms, noticeable results and coverage by insurance and Medicare – that’s what you can expect from today’s varicose vein treatments — performed at a conveniently located Hamilton Vein Center near you. 

5 thoughts on “Today’s Vein Treatments: No Downtime and Quick Recovery

  1. Chinyere okoroego Flora said :

    I notice that am having so many spider veins on my laps. I live in one of the northern part of nigeria, how do I get treatment for this since your center is not within this part of the country?

  2. jo ann hainer said :

    my mother is 88 year old she has bulging veins in both legs is there any help?

  3. Rita king said :

    Does the Hamilton Center treat spider veins with the Laser therapy. I had the schlerotherapy years ago and it has left unsightly bruising looking spots. I was told Lazer therapy was a good option. I’d like to look into that. thanks.

  4. veronica mungia said :

    Do you take humana military south, tricare insurance

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