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Vein Treatments

Procedures that treat vein disorders, such as varicose and spider veins, have come a long way since the days when treatment most likely meant surgical removal – or “stripping” — of the diseased vein from the leg by a general surgeon. Vein stripping was usually associated with a great deal of pain and a long recovery period — but that was then.  The procedures performed at Hamilton Vein Center can all be done in the office, and are associated with minimal pain and significantly faster recovery time.

Procedures Offered

After a comprehensive evaluation that includes an ultrasound examination of the veins, your physician will develop a treatment plan that will best remedy your specific vein condition, utilizing the most current, specialized, minimally-invasive procedures available, which may include:

Covered by Insurance & Medicare

As vein disorders are a medical condition, most minimally invasive treatments are covered by insurance and Medicare, except VenaSeal and sclerotherapy — sclero is considered a ‘cosmetic’ procedure. Vein disease was and continues to be a frequently overlooked medical condition, but it is a serious, progressive problem. The sooner you intervene and do something about it, the quicker you can get treated and get your legs back.