VNUS ClosureRFS Stylet — Venous Ulcer Treatment

Venous ulcers are the most painful, serious manifest of advanced venous reflux disease. And, unfortunately, they are very common – accounting for nearly 90% of all leg ulcers and affecting over half a million people nationwide, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Fortunately, there is hope for full to significant recovery with the aid of one very powerful tool – the VNUS ClosureRFS stylet — the only FDA-approved radiofrequency ablation device for the treatment of incompetent perforating veins – an advanced vein disease condition that leads to most ulcer formation and propagation.

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After careful insertion of the ClosureRFS catheter, Dr. Hamilton uses image-guided ultrasound to place the RFS stylet into the diseased perforator vein. Radiofrequency energy is then applied to heat the vein, causing it to collapse. Over a period of time the vein closes completely, becomes scar tissue and is absorbed by the body.

Immediately post-treatment, you literally walk away with no more than a barely noticeable mark at the insertion point. You also walk away knowing that this procedure is putting you on the path to recovery.

A serious problem. A proven solution.

Venous ulcer treatment is complex and, usually, ongoing. It’s crucial to know that minimally invasive intervention at any stage can have significant, life changing impact. Dr. Hamilton has said that treating patients in the advanced stages of vein disease is, perhaps, the most gratifying – as the procedures work and the results are real. Nothing beats that look on a patient’s face when they realize the pain is gone, the disfiguring ulcer is gone, and their lease on life has been renewed.

If you suffer from a venous ulcer, call our office today at 281-565-0033 or click here to make an appointment online. Your first visit is complimentary and includes an ultrasound screening and consultation.

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2 thoughts on “VNUS ClosureRFS Stylet — Venous Ulcer Treatment

  1. four stores said :

    Very good information. Lucky me I discovered your website
    by chance (stumbleupon). I’ve saved it for later!

  2. Toni Olenick said :

    I have an ulcer,I have had one years ago, had a procedure, back in 2001/2002, with Dr. Bardwell. (had insurance and a job then).I thought I was cured. I went to see your Dr. in Katy.They took pictures and ask me questions, very concerned…but, when they found out I do not a job or insurance, things changed…. they gave me a referral to go to the wound clinic for the ulcer. I call the clinic….they want 300.00 deposit, that doesn’t cover the Dr’s cost. Again, no job…no insurance!! Your office said, after i see the wound clinic then come back to them and get an ultrasound, cost 200.00. I was in soooooo much pain that I was crying the whole visit. They didn’t recommend any kind of help with cost, knowing that i was in so much discomfort. I can’t sleep at night, it hurts like a knife in my leg, it burns, sharp…sharp..pains. swelling in my legs and feet. I wish I can get some help to not hurt so bad.

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