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Hamilton Vascular is your premier center for the treatment of vein disease, artery disease, feminine conditions, and interventional radiology. With five convenient locations, our expert medical specialists and highly-trained staff members are proud to offer cutting-edge vascular and arterial treatments to residents of Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and the neighboring communities in southern Texas. We encourage you to browse through our educational blog for additional information about your condition before coming in for your private consultation.

Vascular Disease and Diabetics: Type 1 vs Type 2 Diabetes

Uncontrolled diabetes can affect every part of your body, from your eyesight and feet to the way your nerves and heart function. When you live with diabetes, you begin to understand the continuous and life-altering demands of the disease, and the burden of dealing...

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Do Compression Socks Help with Leg Pain?

There’s an old saying that prevention is worth a pound of cure. When it comes to maintaining healthy legs, taking precautions to prevent vein disease and issues like varicose veins is preferable to needing treatments later. Some vein issues of the legs are hereditary,...

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Can I Prevent Varicose Veins? Top 5 Tips to Start Now!

Vanessa watched her mother Jessica struggle with varicose veins in her legs for many years. At first Jessica wasn’t in pain but eventually began experiencing swelling, itching, and a constant feeling of heaviness. Thankfully, there are minimally invasive procedures at...

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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Leg Cramps

Leg cramps are a pretty common complaint. After all, you use them to move around, climb stairs, and lift heavy objects every day. But tenderness and soreness from overuse usually fade with a day or two of rest. Persistent leg pain and cramping could be a sign of a...

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What’s Causing Your Lymphedema?

Some swelling comes and goes. But if you have noticeable swelling in one or both of your arms or legs, you’re probably wondering what’s to blame. It could be lymphedema, a condition that develops when your body can’t properly drain lymph fluid from your limbs. If you...

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Who Should Have a Vascular Screening and How Often?

Did you know vascular disease affects millions of American adults each year? Vascular disease can strike any part of the body and is often symptom-free until later stages when it’s difficult or too late to treat.  Noninvasive vascular screenings are...

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Diabetic Vascular Disease: Know Your Treatment Options

Are you living with diabetes? That means you face additional health challenges, including an increased risk for diabetic vascular disease. Over time, elevated blood sugar — a characteristic of diabetes — can damage your blood vessels and change your blood...

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