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A Message From Carlos Hamilton, MD: Important COVID-19 Update

In the last several days, concern over COVID-19 infection has increased. We understand that our patients may be concerned about coming in for their appointments; however, continued follow-up care is necessary to ensure you remain healthy. We have always maintained an infection control process and regularly sanitize our offices to prevent the spread of infection. With the news about COVID-19, we would like to inform you of the extra precautions we are taking to protect you during your visit: 
We are asking the following of patients: 


It is important to us that you are comfortable continuing to receive care through our organization and maintain your appointments. We will do everything we can to keep you and your family safe. 
Please take precautions to stay healthy during this pandemic. Practice frequent hand washings and cover your nose and mouth with a tissue if coughing. Avoid touching your face. If you have traveled to countries designated as Level 3 Health Notice country by the CDC, please stay home for at least 14 days from the time you left the area and self-monitor. 
Many area hospitals have designated special rooms and entries for patients suspected of having COVID-19 infection. If you are short of breath and have symptoms severe enough to warrant seeking emergency care, please call the ER in advance to alert them you are coming.
For further information about the COVID-19 virus, please refer to the CDC website
Texas Health Resources has also established a hotline to answer your questions at 682-236-7601.
On behalf of the physicians and staff, we are here for you. We continue to monitor the situation and make changes to our procedures as more information becomes available. We will pull together as a community and halt this pandemic by taking the proper precautions. Please feel free to call the office if you have any questions.
Carlos Hamilton, MD
Medical Director, Hamilton Vascular

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