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Hamilton Vascular is your premier center for the treatment of vein disease, artery disease, feminine conditions, and interventional radiology. With multiple convenient locations, our expert medical specialists and highly-trained staff members are proud to offer cutting-edge surgical and non-surgical vascular and arterial treatments to residents of Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and the neighboring communities in southern Texas.

What Procedures Can You Perform for my Patients?

The board-certified vein and artery specialists at Hamilton Vascular specialize in performing all interventional radiology procedures including but not limited to Mediport placement, tunnel central venous catheter placement, uterine fibroid embolization, radiofrequency ablation, and embolization of pelvic veins. We are available to assist you with any of your interventional radiology needs.

How do I Refer a Patient to Your Office?

You may easily refer a patient by faxing over our referral form, submitting the referral form online, sending the patient referral form through your EMR system, or by calling our office. We will contact the patient and schedule an office consultation and additional diagnostic testing if indicated to determine the best treatment options for your patient.

Where Will you Treat my Patient?

Each of our offices is equipped to perform a wide range of outpatient procedures. Should your patient require a facility with additional capabilities, we are able to perform the procedure at the hospital facility of your choosing, or we are able to select a facility which most closely is equipped to serve your patient’s needs.

Will your Office Complete a Prior Authorization for my Patient's Procedure?

Yes. Following receipt of your referral, our office will handle coordination with your patient for scheduling, completion of any needed prior authorizations, and follow up.

How Will you Communicate with me Regarding my Patient's Treatment?

Following the office visit and/or procedure, progress notes will be faxed to your office.

The doctors and expert medical team at Hamilton Vascular are proud to offer surgical and non-surgical treatments for vein disease, artery disease, and feminine conditions. We are proud to offer a wide range of services to patients in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and the neighboring communities in southern Texas. Contact us to schedule your private consultation with one of our vascular specialists today.