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Treating the South Texas Area

Other Vein Treatments

Hamilton Vascular is your premier center for the treatment of vein disease, artery disease, feminine conditions, and interventional radiology. With multiple convenient locations, our expert medical specialists and highly-trained staff members are proud to offer cutting-edge vascular and arterial treatments to residents of Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and the neighboring communities in southern Texas. We are proud to offer a range of surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Other Vein Treatments in South Texas Area

What Other Vein Treatments are Available?

Other vein treatments available at Hamilton Vascular include:

  • Phlebectomy
  • Ovarian Vein Embolization
    • Ovarian vein embolization is a minimally invasive treatment to relieve discomfort caused by pelvic varicose veins in women. This treatment process involves inserting a catheter into the affected pelvic veins to close them off, so they cannot be used again in the future. This treatment is often recommended to patients who are suffering from pelvic varicose veins or pelvic congestion syndrome.
  • Gondal Vein Embolization
    • Gondal vein embolization is a minimally invasive treatment for varicose veins similar to ovarian vein embolization. This treatment process, which is also available to male patients, treats pelvic varicose veins and pelvic congestion syndrome using a small catheter to close off affected veins for the long-term. Once the veins are closed off, they no longer are able to fill with blood and cause discomfort.
  • Uterine Fibroid Embolization
    • Uterine fibroid embolization is a minimally invasive procedure that treats complications and discomforts caused by fibroids using precise interventional radiology techniques. Unlike other procedures that involve the use of cutting and anesthesia, patients are relieved of their heavy periods and painful uterine fibroids without any lengthy downtime or recovery period.

    How Much Do These Other Vein Treatments Cost?

    The cost of your treatment will vary depending on the type of treatment you receive, the extent of treatment needed to achieve your desired results, and your health insurance coverage. To get a better idea of how much your treatment will cost, we encourage you to come in for a private consultation with one of our doctors.

    The doctors and expert medical team at Hamilton Vascular are proud to offer surgical and non-surgical treatments for vein disease, artery disease, and feminine conditions. We are proud to offer a wide range of services to patients in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and the neighboring communities in southern Texas. Contact us to schedule your private consultation with one of our vascular specialists today.