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Treating the South Texas Area


Hamilton Vascular is your premier center for the treatment of vein disease, artery disease, feminine conditions, and interventional radiology. With multiple convenient locations, our expert medical specialists and highly-trained staff members are proud to offer cutting-edge vascular and arterial treatments to residents of Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and the neighboring communities in southern Texas. We are proud to offer a range of surgical and non-surgical treatments including venography.

Venography in South Texas Area

What is Venography?

Venography is an advanced technique in vein and vascular health that uses cutting-edge technology to allow our specialists to see the veins in your body through an x-ray. While the veins and circulatory system don't typically show up on an x-ray, scientists have found that injecting a safe solution into the veins can act as a contrast and allow them to be seen in a process called a venogram. This allows our board-certified specialists to get a full view of your veins without having to give you an ultrasound or turn to exploratory surgery. A single venogram can detect serious issues such as deep vein thrombosis.

What are the Benefits of Venography?

There are many benefits of receiving a venogram at Hamilton Vascular, including:

  • Minimally invasive diagnostic test
  • Typically takes between 30 and 90 minutes to complete
  • Uses advanced technology to detect DVT
  • Can detect a variety of vascular diseases
  • Minimal Downtime and Recovery Period

What Can I Expect During My Venogram?

Your venogram will be performed at your local Hamilton Vascular location by one of our board-certified vein specialists. Before your venogram begins, a special iodine-based contrast solution will be injected into your veins. An x-ray will then be taken of the suspected affected areas. The entire venogram diagnostic testing process typically takes between 30 and 90 minutes to complete depending on the size of the area that needs to be x-rayed.

What Can I Expect After My Venogram?

Immediately following your venogram, we will monitor the access site for bleeding for a short time.  The time will vary by patient and access site. You may experience some mild bruising and tenderness at the access site.  This is normal and side effects typically resolve on their own within a few days of treatment. The results of your venogram will be available within a few days of your diagnostic appointment, at which time your specialist will ask you to come in for a follow-up appointment to discuss the results.

Is Venography Right for Me?

If you're suffering from extreme discomfort and believe you may have vein disease or a vascular condition, venography at Hamilton Vascular may be right for you. The best way to find out if venography is right for you is to schedule a private consultation with one of our board-certified specialists. They'll be happy to sit down with you, listen to your concerns, assess your veins' condition, and develop a fully personalized treatment plan to help you achieve your ultimate health goals.

How Much Does Venography Cost?

The cost of your venogram will vary depending on your health insurance coverage. To get a better idea of how much your venogram will cost, we encourage you to come in for a private consultation with one of our specialists.

The doctors and expert medical team at Hamilton Vascular are proud to offer surgical and non-surgical treatments for vein disease, artery disease, and feminine conditions. We are proud to offer a wide range of services to patients in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and the neighboring communities in southern Texas. Contact us to schedule your private consultation with one of our vascular specialists today.